Development of OPN-305 as an Orphan Drug for the Treatment of Delayed Graft Function Post Solid Organ Transplantation

The objective of the MABSOT project is the development of the novel monoclonal antibody, OPN-305, as a therapeutic for the prevention of delayed graft function (DGF) following kidney transplantation. Successful treatment of DGF will lead to a reduction
in the incidence and severity of renal failure through an increase in kidney function for transplant patients, providing them with healthier kidneys and a significantly improved quality of life.

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Introduction & Objectives

What is Delayed Graft Function, how does it impact on individuals following solid organ transplantation and how will MABSOT improve the lives of surgical patients?

Technical Information

A technical overview of the MABSOT project, for those with a greater grasp of the problem of Delayed Graft Function.

Clinical Trials

What is involved in a clinical trial? How do the different phases of the trial function?

The Consortium

Who is involved in the MABSOT project? Detailed profiles for each member of the Consortium.